digital literacy

Digital Literacy has been defined as

A Digitally Literate Person:

• Possesses the variety of skills – technical and cognitive – required to find, understand, evaluate, create, and communicate digital information in a wide variety of formats;

• Is able to use diverse technologies appropriately and effectively to retrieve information, interpret results, and judge the quality of that information;

• Understands the relationship between technology, life-long learning, personal privacy, and stewardship of information;

• Uses these skills and the appropriate technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, colleagues, family, and on occasion, the general public; and

• Uses these skills to actively participate in civic society and contribute to a vibrant, informed, and engaged community.

ALA Digital Literacy Taskforce, 2011

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It is these two latter points that of actively participating and contributing is my concern here. Blogging fulfills these requisites. A digitally literate person by having a blog contributes to our society. They communicate their experiences and their skills. Using WordPress dot com gives a person an insight into how the web works and it is not difficult to set up a blog. WordPress populates 27% of the Internet.

If you need instructions as to how to setup a blog go here

Having a web site on your CV makes you much more attractive in this digital age. It takes about 30 minutes to set up a blog and if you can use a word processor making a post is as easy as pie.

Everyone should claim their spot on the Internet and this is the way to do it.