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How do you view the increased spending (£50 million) on selective education in England and the expansion of grammar schools places? This news comes alongside reports suggesting a financial crisis in education more generally.

Some claim that the expansion of selective places will provide more opportunities for those deemed to be ‘just about managing’ or from ordinary working families. However, others argue that these represent a small number of children at grammar schools and whether these ‘opportunities’ will be restricted to a limited number of children.

The other question is whether we should protect and promote educational opportunities for all children and not the selected few. The government have implied that attending a non-selective or comprehensive school can involve just ‘making do’, but should we invest in all education to ensure that every child does not have to ‘make do’. Also while there are some excellent comprehensive schools, how will the fears of a financial crisis impact on the future of these schools?

Also some argue that certain children suit a more ‘academic’ pathway connected to grammar school education. However, does this system decide who should follow this pathway too early and does this raise additional questions about what ‘good’ education actually means for our society?

Despite many experts and educationalists being against this move towards greater selection, it seems that this will become a reality in the coming months? How do you feel about this move? Is the expansion of selective places and schools a good idea?

Below are some articles with additional information about the current situation.